Useful jobs websites. Do send in any more you find:

womenlikeus.org.uk – a great organisation dedicated to helping women either get back to work after time off for childrearing, or find part-time work commensurate with their skills and training.

Working Mums – job ads and career advice for mums who are working, or want to be.

guardianjobs.co.uk – alerts every time a job is advertised on their website that fits your specified requirements. Frequency: surprisingly frequent.

gorkanapr.com – meteoric rise to indispensible status among journalists. Features details of all media moves, however trivial, with job alerts on Friday. Essential for knowing who to send your feature ideas to, new appointees to suck up to, and what to gossip about. Currently freelances promoting themselves outnumber bona fide appointments, with at lest one former London Paper employee in the (forcibly) freelance section every day. Job alerts are essential reading with big name titles advertising here, but beware the online section – there have been times when 50% of their ‘jobs’ were for unpaid contributions.

journalism.co.uk – journo jobs and professional tips. Frequency: daily, but it feels like more.

essentialwriters.com – fledgling site for tips, jobs, support and information exchange for journalists, novelists and anyone who writes.

Greater London Authority – jobs at Boris’ house.

London 2012 – from builders to meets and greeters for the London Olympics.

Southwark Council – vacancies at the local council. Most jobs are for social workers.

www.artshub.co.uk – UK jobs in all area of the arts including arts management, music, drama, film, museums and libraries

www.london-jobs-online.co.uk – jobs. in London. listed online.

dezeen – architecture and design jobs (plus news and gossip on this cool website0

thebookseller .com– bluechip publishing jobs.

Career Moves – agency specialising in publishing jobs

www.jobcentreplus.gov.uk – actually, you may find yourself woefully underqualified for even the most menial of these. I did.

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