#5 Avoid buying stuff

In Save cash, White collar denial on October 17, 2009 at 11:29 pm

This week, I’ve avoided buying:

lunch – discovering the joys of leftovers, esp cold sausages, and freeloading ceviche and crab tostadas at the Mexican Embassy’s marketing promotion in Borough market. But in an emergency, the fat, home-made chick pea samosas at the Cheeseblock are a bargain at 80p.

fancy bread – £1 for a plain ficelle; £1.40 for a kentish flute. Part of me thinks everyone should learn to bake something so fundamental; part of me thinks why bother when other people do it so well

takeaway coffee – it turns out you can actually make coffee yourself at home and drink it out of a normal mug

the Guardian – now £1 a day. An incentive to explore online news.

grouse – sold out by 11.30am! That’s SE22 for you

cake – great recipe for banana bread on the back of the wholemeal flour packet, and a good way to get rid of the mountain of over-ripe bananas

clothes – darning is a great excuse for watching tv

antibiotics – by the time I could actually get an appointment to see the doctor, I was already getting better

This week I’ve accidentally bought:

Vacherin – the first of this season’s cheese is now in!

Venison – cheaper than fish at £3.50 for two

A Melt candle – an unjustifiable expense whichever way you look at it, but one that has filled the house with the scent of ‘Angel’ (dewberry, cassis, jasmine, rose, vanilla, patchouli, amber and a hint of chocolate). and half the price of Diptyque. Available from Grace and Favour, North Cross Road.


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