#16 Make a Christmas list

In White collar denial on December 5, 2009 at 11:47 pm

It”s suddenly surprisingly close to Christmas already, so I’m being hassled about what I want for Christmas.

This year that question is proving surprisingly difficult. Not because I find myself in possession of all the material goods I could want, or because I’ve come over all ‘Christmas isn’t about the presents’. Hardly.

Ordinarily I’d have had a list forming in the back of my notebook since September. But this Autumn I’ve been very strict about not buying glossy magazines, avoided going into shops that sell anything pretty, and skipped the back end of the colour supps. Out of sight, out of mind. I’ve embraced the new austerity and I like to think I’ve just about hung in there.

So this year not only is there no list, but I’m willfully out of touch in terms of what there might actually be in the shops to start with. But now the floodgates of consumer desire have been opened. Do you really want to know what I want for Christmas: Paul A Young chocolates; a Space NK/ Jo Malone/ Diptyque/ Melt candle; Laura Mercier ‘Mercury’ metallic eye cream; Falke pure wool socks; a pair of Lou’s cuffs from Greenwich market; a printmakers’ apron; relief printing inks;  a luxurious bedspread; frames for my prints; a bottle of the caramel vodka we had on holiday; atholl brose; Barber Osgerby white Tab desk lamp; a weekend city break; my hair done; a facial; a visit to a steam room; my bike mended; a really good olive oil; a necklace from Elena Hall; earrings; a watch; a small pot of caviar; meringue from Coffee Cake Crouch End; breakfast at the Wolseley; brunch at Bob Bob Ricard; dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant; Prestat sea-salted chocolate; winter shoes; a nice top; a dress from Cos; bright pink Converse; a bright pink Uniqlo umbrella; a cashmere cardie; a lovely soft scarf; notebook; wine glasses; champagne saucers; whisky glasses; Clarins face cream; Marc Jacobs perfume; Hummingbird cupcakes; silver Hunter wellies; big pots for the garden; herbs to replace the ones that died; an iPhone; a projector that connects to my laptop; a bunch of flowers; a hat that doesn’t make me look like a twat; tickets to the new Alan Bennett play; … to be continued

This list is remarkably similar to one jotted down before my birthday when I kept myself going through the early days of unemployment with the thought that it didn’t matter that I couldn’t buy anything because on your birthday people buy it for you. And what did I actually get? Sod all.


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