#17 Scour the jobs pages for a laugh

In Down and Out, Jobseeking on December 14, 2009 at 11:19 pm

Rather than worry about all the jobs I’d be great at but have failed to get, this week I thought I’d amuse myself with those currently being advertised that I’d be fundamentally ill-suited to. Here’s just a few:

Weight Watchers’ Magazine – senior sub

Fertilizer Week – fertilizer markets analyst

What Laptop – staff writer

National Farmers’ Union – Press Officer

Tunnels & Tunnelling International – news editor (in fact I once worked for the same publisher as T&T and, to be fair, it does involve a lot of foreign travel)

Leasing Life and Motor Finance – freelancers

Horse magazine – acting editor

Football Punk – digital journalist

Meat Trade Journal – features ed (OK, I was tempted)

Soul & Spirit – dep ed

Mountain Biking UK – editor

The Strad – assistant editor

FT Geopolitical blog – brainbox

and travel writers based in the Maldives

If you hurry, they might still be available on Gorkanajournalism.co.uk,or  Guardian.co.uk.

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