#27b After Van Gogh

In Food & Drink on January 22, 2010 at 12:10 am

After visiting the Royal Academy, I thought I’d nip across the road and kill time in Fortnum & Mason, just for the Hell of it. And because I like the colour of the facade.

Now I’ve no idea who actually buys things in there, but the descriptions of some of the sweetmeats and other foodstuffs were so joyously ambrosial, I felt moved to share them:

Strawberry and Rose Petal Preserve (jam, £9.50 for 340g jar)

Nonpareil with Bergamot (marmalade, £6.50 for 340g jar)

Pomegranate Jelly (£7.95 for 227g jar)

Turkish Delight (£.50 per 100g)

Violet marshmallow (60p each)

Galangal and Grains of Paradise (loose chocolates, £9.50 per 100g)

Enrobed dates

Nicaragua Cup of Excellence La Picona (ground coffee £32.50 per 250g)

Darjeeling Broken Orange Pekoe (tea, £20 for £375g)

Charlotte Russe (£2.95)

Millefeuille (£1.95)

Ambrosial Alchemy (date prune and fig cake)

Arcadian Forest (Valrhona chocolate and morello cherry cake – 4 baby cakes for £9.95)

Sultry Smokey Nuts (£5.75 for 150g)

Harlequin Sugar Crystals (£7.95 for a 500g bag)

Game Relish (£3.75 for 225g)

Redcurrant Savour (£3.50 for 225g)

Stilton Smackerels (£3.95 for 75g)

Whole Crystalised Red Roses (£6.50 per 100g)

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