#38 Kitchen gadgets

In Food & Drink, White collar denial on March 29, 2010 at 9:12 am

Lékué lemon squeezer

Orange peelers from Farringdon

Are fish-boning tweezers strictly necessary in life?

Avocado slicer and pitter

Fish boning tweezers

Pickle fork

Professional potato ricer

Cherry pitter

Lobster crackers

Salad spinner

Mushroom brush

Pie weights

Orange peeler

Tea bag squeezer

Electric peppermill

Is it just me, or could all of the above be performed by existing multi-purpose kitchen implements such as, say, a knife? Do tea bags need to be squeezed or can they be pressed against the side of the mug with a teaspoon? Could pastry be weighed down with dried beans? Can’t an orange be peeled with your hands?

In the same shop, I also spotted a sort of silicone bag that was described as a ‘lemon squeezer’ (you put the lemon inside and squeeze it, as opposed to just squeezing it without a big) but to be fair, the same company, Lékué, also produces stretchy tops  for jars that can be used instead of Clingfilm, which will be going on my brightly-coloured-plastic-gadget wish list.

Surely the days when people were looking for gratuitous reasons to spend money are over. After months of fine tuning my own budget and cutting out non-essentials, now I find a whole shop of things I can easily live without.

If anyone can come up with a convincing argument for why any of the above are necessary in life, I’d genuinely love to hear it.

Stretchy lids from Lékué

  1. A friend of mine just told me her mother can’t do without grape scissors.

  2. Salad spinners are good.
    I don’t have one, but I always envy those who do.
    Dry lettuce is much more sophisticated than wet.
    You dont get water around the edge of your plate.
    The dressing stays on the leaves rather than sliding off the water as it separates from it.
    They also make a very satisfying noise.

    • OK, I’ll concede the point on salad spinners, even though they take up a disproportionate amount of room in relation to frequency of use. But surely not a specialist avocado slicer? Or the new contender, grape scissors?

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