#43 OMG I’ve got an interview!

In Food & Drink, Jobseeking on April 28, 2010 at 3:47 pm

The latest fashions v the latest cakes: introducing the Whoopie Pie!

Typical! No sooner do I blog about how I’ve finally come to terms with my hand-to-mouth existence and actually started to enjoy it, then someone rings up out of the blue and asks me to come in ‘for a chat’. Apparently someone, I’m assuming an ex-colleague (thank you! I’m flattered and owe you a drink), has recommended me… they apologise that the salary’s only what I was earning three years ago (ie riches compared to now)… but it’s an exciting time, lots of challenges, etc, etc.

Well I didn’t hang around to be asked twice.

First was to buy, and dissect, the publication in question – one of those aimed at successful women that has actually left me feeling a bit inadequate. (Does everyone else get up at 5.30am, go for a 3 mile run, manage three businesses, and pull a six figure salary?)

Next, what the hell am I going to wear?

www.helpwithjobs.co.uk says:
‘If you feel comfortable, you are more likely to act comfortably, which is vital in an often-pressured interview situation.’

‘Grey is inconspicuous and conveys an air of intellect and knowledge, while blue is universally considered to mean ‘trust’ and commitment.’

‘Many people forget that their hairstyles need to complement their clothing, so it’s a good idea to visit your hairdresser before a big interview for a bit of a tidy-up.’

In addition, the Telegraph doesn’t think you should wear anything more than a year old (!) and www.answerbag.co.uk says stick to solid colours, and dress up rather than down.

Sadly buying a new outfit (or getting my hair done) is not an option, but it didn’t stop me accidentally browsing in the smart dress shop round the corner. There I bumped into a highly successful friend who always looks immaculate, even on her day off after a late night and stressful couple of months locked in a black box. (The shop’s owner looked me up and down and asked dismissively if I was her nanny, which certainly didn’t help the feelings of inadequacy.)

After I’d turned down the offer of unlimited access to my friend’s amazing wardrobe (she’s also considerably thinner than I am… more inadequacy) she suggested footless tights as a fashionable way of dressing up my plain blue dress while tackling the too cold for bare legs/too hot for tights conundrum, teamed with pumps to get round the ‘can’t walk more than 100m in heels’ problem. But perhaps it’s a bit too casual?

At the moment it’s looking like that, culottes, or a really heavy grey wool dress more suited to lower temperatures. If anyone has any better advice, please let me know.

With no joy on the sartorial front, I tried my luck instead at my local deli, whose co-owner was being over achieving  in the very same magazine this month. There they look me up and down, think ‘she likes food’ and treat me as if I’m one of their most valued customers. They’ve told me these new cakes, which they’re calling ‘Whoopie Pies’, are the new big thing – a sort of 3D Oreo with marshmallow buttercream and glitter on top. Hummingbird have just started doing them so they must be cool. Fashion, style, a bit of glitter… and instead of feelings of inadequacy just a warm, chocolatey glow.

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