#44 Baggage

In Jobseeking, Kids on April 30, 2010 at 4:30 pm

Phew, just about made it from ripped-jeaned mum to plausibly employable professional in just 72 hours.

But here’s the inventory of what I had to empty out of my bag in order to restock it with grown up things like business cards and make up:

Two packets of colouring pencils from a child-friendly restaurant

Six 2010 season Match Attax trading cards (happy to trade if there are any Hull fans out there)

Two Love Film DVDs that I STILL haven’t had time to watch

a glittery hair tie

a single, child’s sock

five notebooks (have rationalised down to one)

two biros that don’t work

one pencil, minus point

6 Eurocents

a compilation CD

a wrist support

two miniature bodylotions from a hotel bathroom

a nit comb

the timetable for kids classes at the local sports centre

sunglasses (it was rainy)

a wooly mitten (it was warmish though)

four packets of tissues

a Build-a-bear loyalty card

Return family tickets to Manchester for a fortnight ago

an empty bag of Haribo

a tiny booklet of seed sticks

out of date book bag notes

a cheque book with no cheques left

two pots of Vaseline rose flavoured lip balm

an AA battery

a conker

  1. An inventory that has particular relevance to the Boy Scouts’ (please forgive me for not knowing the Girl Guides own pithy equivalent if in fact it is, or was, different) motto ….! A similar collection can be found in this dad-of-2’s car glovebox!
    Ditto on the good outcome from interview. G.

  2. Better than a handful of screwed up Co-operative reciepts, out dated notifications from school, old tabacco and no rizzla!

  3. Sounds like a particularly weird conveyor belt haul on The Generation Game.

    Hope u did well in yr interview.

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