#53 The Midlife Manual

In midlife on August 6, 2010 at 10:46 am

With The Midlife Manual due for publication on 2 September (‘Don’t turn 40 without it!’), my co-author and I are now obliged to start blogging, tweeting, facebooking, and no doubt stumbling, digging and didgeridoing by way of trying to raise its profile enough to encourage someone to buy it.

As we are continuously being told: ‘no one buys books any more’. In fact my co-writer was made redundant from his position of Books Editor of a leading listings magazine for precisely this reason, though strangely (and perhaps illegally?) I notice they have since employed a new ‘books editor’ suggesting that even if people don’t buy books, they still want to read them. Just as people no longer want to pay for music, but they will always want to listen to it.

Sadly we are no Radiohead and can’t afford to offer our creative output for download at a nominal 1p (plus we happen to like the physicality of a book), so the socially networked marketing campaign must begin.

This now gives me two blogs to feed, the other being on Blogger (not my choice) which turns out to be a bastard to try to use/design, and an urgent need to master Twitter and it’s tiny urls.  If I have time before having to pick the kids up from their various dumping grounds/holiday activities I hope to work out how to create a Facebook page without it automatically attaching itself to my personal Facebook page. And at some point I might actually speak to someone face to face (though not at the book launch, because apparently people don’t have those any more).

So do sign up for our various feeds:


The Midlife Manual blog

Or pre-order The Midlife Manual on Amazon for 30% off, though the cover has changed several times since they did the Amazon entry, and the new one does spell my name right.

Those of you over 35 might even find some of it funny or useful, in a depressing sort of a way. The Bookseller has apparently nominated The Midlife Manual as one of its humour choices for the autumn,  but we were on holiday and missed it (so here‘s what they said about us in June), and a well-respected national newspaper is planning a well-remunerated syndication (which does not mean you can just get that instead of the book – and anyway they have a paywall).

Today’s Midlife blog is about naked table tennis exploits (apparently it’s what young people do these days).

  1. Some people do still have book launches, but they’re a ridiculous waste of money, so darnwurry. Am not sure how I feel about a 37 year old (comparative) boy telling me how to handle a midlife crisis. Oh hang on, yes, now I know: it makes me feel OLD. Good luck with it. jx

  2. Need to create a FB fan page rather than group page.

  3. If you want lots of people to follow @welcomemidlife, consider unlocking the account and letting people follow without approval, and start using hashtags too. 🙂

    • OK. Have unlocked the approvals, but still trying to work out what these hashes are all about. Am not really a tweeter.

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