#62 Crash!

In Homeworking on November 22, 2010 at 10:43 pm

It finally happened. Every homeworker’s worst nightmare. My computer has crashed, not just irritatingly crashed but irretrievably crashed. Hard drive devastated. Everything gone. Just like that.

And yet I feel strangely calm about the whole thing.

Perhaps because it is just the latest in a long line of things sent to test me recently. Or perhaps it is because there is officially nothing I can do that I have to move on.

As an incorrigible hoarder, my electronic lifestyle is similar to my 3D one, with six year old emails and ancient ‘ideas’ folders still cluttering up the desktop and taking up space. Now that’s all gone, there’s a sense of purging. The ultimate spring clean. A chance to start afresh. An early New Year.

To be realistic:

* Most of the stuff on there was probably rubbish, or has already appeared in print if it’s ever going to. Or both

* I hardly ever take photos. Any good ones (of the children) my mum already has. Any bad ones (of me, or me trying to be arty) are best forgotten.

* I’ve lost all my emails, but everyone I actually care about will email me again eventually. And everyone else it will be an excuse not to get back to.

* I will now never have to deal with the 1,000 plus unopened emails (truly). Most of them were probably just John Lewis sales notices, Eurostar offers, Pizza Express meal deals and cc’s of PTA xmas fair discussions about the best place to locate the Whack the Rat stall.

* When my agent hassles me tomorrow for the book proposal I promised, I have a great excuse. Meanwhile I can rework the muddled nonsense I forced myself to write in Paris and come up with something more marketable.

* I do at least have on a memory stick the performance theory documents I spent the past three months editing.

* Eradicating your life and starting again didn’t do Don Draper any harm. OK, apart from the alcoholism, self-absorption, paranoia, mild misogyny, and inability to have a meaningful relationship with another human being… but at least he had a good job.

Obviously it’s a bummer that I’m going to be up till 2am rewriting the hotel listings I stayed up late to do on Friday night but just wanted to read over before sending today. And it’s going to be really embarrassing emailing all those eminent academics to ask them to send me their corrections again (and then have to renegotiate four different sets of ‘track changes’ for each document). And it’s a shame I won’t be able to buy any of the Lanvin @ H&M things I might have treated myself to tomorrow as any extra money (!) I was going to earn this week will now be going on external hard drives (which, ironically, I had been planning to buy for a while, but never had the funds for…) instead of fancy frocks or shoes.

Thanks though to the ‘genius’ at the Apple Covent Garden* Genius Bar who had to break the bad news to me and was clearly worried I was actually going to burst into tears in the shop. They may be geniuses when it comes to technology, but I don’t think the Apple engineers – who were all men, I noticed – feel quite so confident about weeping women. (Don’t worry, I made it outside first). And to ‘Lee’ from Apple who has just phoned to say he’s already installed the new hard drive, FOR FREE, and I can collect it tomorrow.

* The largest Apple store in Europe!

Incidentally, the pic above is not my actual MacBook, it’s by an artist called Michael Tompert who currently has an exhibition of Mac products he’s destroyed in innovative ways (shooting, slicing, chainsaw, burning, sledgehammer…)

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