#64 Notebook fetish

In nice things on December 13, 2010 at 3:53 pm

Today I will be starting a new notebook. As a bit of a notebook junkie, and someone who doesn’t get out much, this is something of an occassion for me.

Notebooks are a bit of an impulse buy weak spot. I may already have a notebook or two on the go, and several more in waiting, but if I see one I simply must have, I add it to the pile. (At least there are worse, and more expensive, addictions.)

A lot are bought in Paris (the French give good notebook). It’s often the colour that attracts me, or an interesting print, a beautiful paper, or just the typeface used to write the word ‘Notebook’. Some recent favourites have included a series of pretty A6 printed notebooks from Rosehip and Apica notebooks from Japan (another nation that’s top notch with its paper products). I’m also currently coveting a few lovely prints I saw in the Jane Newbery shop in Dulwich Village (not as pricey as that sounds). The classic Moleskine feels almost too grown up for me, so I currently save those for my diary and my address book.

I carry a notebook, or usually more than one, everywhere. It is repository for thoughts, yes, but also aide memoire (these days my memoire needs all the aide it can get) and instant babysitter – my current book includes not just ideas, short pieces of writing, and notes from meetings, but to do lists, a sketch for a linoprint I still haven’t got round to making, a felt-tip drawing of a Manchester City badge, someone’s English homework, details of some nice shoes I saw somewhere, and a couple of really important phone numbers. Each notebook becomes an imprint of a couple of months of my life.

I need to own a notebook for a good month before I can bear to spoil its pristine pages. Even then I often avoid writing on the fist page so as not to completely ruin the purity.

The one I’ve just finished (by Beci Orpin) has a craft vibe: brown paper cover, screenprint image of an owl in a tree hung with hearts, slightly rounded corners, card pocket at the back. I think it was a Christmas present from 2009.

For which to move on to next, it’s a toss-up between a plain grey book with elegant cream border, front window and inside card pocket, by cool German stationery brand Semikolon and another brown book, this one bought from merci, which seems to fulfill all my requirements:


  1. I often avoid writing on the first page so as not to completely ruin the purity.

    Yes! So glad I’m not the only person that does this! 🙂

    I too have a notebook fetish. I call myself a stationery slut, because I can’t be trusted around that section of any store – bookstore, department store or online store. I think I’ve come close to losing my mind drooling over handmade journals on etsy.com.

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