#65 Most used words

In miscellaneous on December 19, 2010 at 4:46 pm

I’ve just taken that Facebook diversion that everyone seems to be distracted by today – Your Most Used Words in 2010. Perfect for those of us who are supposed to be doing pre-Christmas cleaning, pre-Christmas emails, or pre-Christmas Christmas card writing. (Obviously post-Christmas-Christmas card writing would be a waste of time, though the more pedantic among us might argue that at any point you are always post one Christmas and pre the next. Unless it’s Christmas Day.)

Anyway, clearly the idea is to covey something of the inner working of your mind, and a brief summary of your year, by presenting you with a list of your Facebook preoccupations.

Here is my list:

Your Most Used Words in 2010 Are:

1. Paris (used 7 times)

2. London (used 7 times)

3. kids (used 6 times)

4. – (used 6 times)

5. work (used 5 times)

6. school (used 5 times)

7. City (used 5 times)

8. Friends (used 4 times)

9. Dulwich (used 4 times)

10. Midlife (used 4 times)

So far, so predictable, though I’m still wondering how ‘–’ is classed as a word’. And should I start to question my maternal instincts if said ‘word’ features the same number of times as mentions of my kids? Note to self: experiment with some new punctuation in 2011, maybe start to relax a bit more about semi colons (the most incorrectly used of all punctuation marks) or just be more rigorous about my over-reliance on parentheses. (Parentheses, now there’s a good word. I’d have been proud if that had been in my top ten.)

My metropolitain bragging is good, notching up three trips to Paris this year, as well as two to Manchester and one to Cellardyke (strangely not mentioned), but none to anywhere else. School and work now have equal claim on my energies, where the social networking of the school playground has usurped any actual business networking, though it has enabled me to sell more copies of The Midlife Manual to Friends in Dulwich (four mentions apiece).

Of other friends who have also been putting off doing more constructive things, two have wonder/wondering in their top 10, which I think is rather lovely (another high scorer).

Words I will be trying to incorporate into postings next year: melon, quizzical, exasperating, peely-wally, whimsy… along with Booker (as in shortlist, as in on the), iPhone (as in brand new), hot (as in country visiting), job (as in been offered a great). Maybe not.


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