Tips for working mums (or those who want to be)

In Jobseeking on March 8, 2011 at 11:13 pm

Actually, I should just clarify that headline. When I say ‘Tips for working mums or those who want to be’ the tips will be for those who are already mums but who want more work, not those in work who want… That wouldn’t be appropriate.

Anyway, I’m fresh back from a fact-finding and inspiration-finding mission to Working Mums Live, a FREE careers exhibition that was held at the Business Design Centre in Islington today. Organised by the Working Mums website.

As a lot of you asked me to pass on anything interesting I found out, here are the links and notes I jotted down.

As I’m only a couple of sips of tea into being back home, these are literally just unprocessed notes. (What do you want a PhD?) I will be checking out many of the links myself over the next few weeks and will of course flag up any more substantial findings. All links open in a new window.

Working Mums the organisers (jobs, franchises, advice and support)

Business Link the Government’s free business support service

Linked In popular way of advertising yourself online, and also people willing to share advice

Bitsy similarly, a new site to sell yourself. looks interesting

The British Library has a business centre with lots of free advice and industry guides

East London Small Business Centre not-for-profit org offering free courses, advice and affordable space

University of East London Knowledge Dock advice and support for people thinking of starting a business

Working 5 to 9 Emma Jones’ website/book

Spare Room Start Up also by Emma Jones

Giant Potential a sort of Mumsnet for women in business

Microsoft Small Business Centre useful info, news and advice, not all about Microsoft

iTunes university Access to lectures from Harvard, Yale, Oxford, etc

PCG looking after freelancers in all professions

Freelancing Matters their magazine (and soon to be website)

CTI business coach training trainee business coaches looking for people to practice on and therefore charging v low rates

Other things I learnt today:

  • don’t always take the free sweets on the stands. some of them are horrible
  • at inspirational seminars, people do actually say things like: ‘Turn your to-do list into a ta-dah list!’
  • and they aren’t being sarcastic when they say ‘We are working with Kirstie Allsopp. It was a really exciting day when that deal was clinched!’
  • you can sign up to host Jamie Oliver parties, just like you can host Tupperware parties
  • 1 in 20 people are freelance, contributing £82 bn to the UK’s GDP (yey us!)
  • almost everything boils down to selling
  1. Hi – great post. This was in aid of international women’s day. Thanks for sharing all this info – love the other pages too. Craving a chip butty now though! 😉

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