Is this the world’s best BLT?

In Food & Drink on March 24, 2011 at 11:52 am

Bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich

Is this the world’s best BLT?

bacon – top class, lean, salty, but not too salty, and slightly sweet. crisp. plentiful

lettuce – crisp, fresh, iceberg, nothing fancy

toms – sweet, fresh, juicy

juices mingling with classic Hellmann’s,

and soaked up by crusty white tin loaf, lightly toasted.

In height it measures about two inches. About max jaw-opening height.

It was cooked about 3 ft from where I’m sitting, so comes with the sounds and smells of anticipation.

It’s not the cheapest in town – if you want a couple of bits of economy streaky unlovingly shoved  between two bits of white sliced then look elsewhere – but I’d argue it’s excellent value for what it is.

Once I’d eaten it (a six-sheets-of-kitchen-roll affair) I felt literally drunk on bacon and didn’t even need to eat supper.

But the BEST  thing about this BLT, the VERY BEST thing, is that it’s exclusively available to the self employed!

If you’re a 9to5-er, a commuter, a part-time local who rolls up at the weekend with your tweed cap and expensive scarf tied in that particular way and your monthly pay cheque, then it’s sweet and salty delights will remain beyond your grasp, unless you take a day off.

The cafe that makes it, run by the lovely chatty Di and Alex, is only open during the week*. Bravely they have shunned the lucrative weekend crowd that rocks up on a Saturday and changes the whole atmosphere of a place, and remains a local place for full-time local people. A genuine working men’s caff, albeit one with free range bacon and freelance writers.

BLT, £4.50, from Jacks, 85 Pellatt Road, London SE22
Open M, Tu, Th, Fr 8am-5pm; W 10am-2pm
*Although they do a smart supper two Saturdays a month, and a Sunday roast once a month, you won’t be able to get the BLT there. Ha!

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