It’s official: life’s better under BST

In Down and Out, Food & Drink on April 3, 2011 at 11:14 am

I can’t be a coincidence. Since the clocks changed last weekend, I’ve had a blinder of a week.

Consider the evidence. Here’s all the nice things that have happened in the past seven days:

son won Mathlete of the Week at school

partied with lovely people, lots of booze, and a giant paella

watched the last two episodes of The Killing, already the TV highlight of the year. Can’t believe the murderer was… (as if!)

chatted with the owner of Maison Bertaux , who started working there as aged 14 as a Saturday Girl

bought really good chocolate eclair and raspberry tart, packaged in a box tied up with a ribbon

legendary Norman, former landlord of the Coach and Horses, complemented me on my shoes

discovered tiny new Lebanese street food place tucked away in Soho down Greens Court Yalla Yalla

realised it’s still light at 7pm

lamb cutlets and new potatoes

company I’ve been stalking for four months rings up and offers me two months of work

blow unearnt money on fancy Eve Lom face ceam to replace the cheap one I got from Sainsburys that carried a bold waring about the possibility of it stinging your eyes

commissioning editor thinks my feature is  ‘brilliant’ (I think she says that to all the writers, but hey)

had meeting with company who are offer me work. They turn out to be really great people in a really cool office tucked away in a really interesting part of town.

and they’ll pay me a decent rate

for two months

with people I already know/respect

offered dinner for two, for free, in a London restaurant of my choice. Michelin starred included

email reply from schoolfriend I haven’t seen for 20 years

found a pair of jeans that fits me

and a pair of Jill Sander trousers I’d had my eye on reduced to £14.99

walked in to John Lewis and find they’re doing a 10% off day

saw good looking actor off the telly in Waitrose; realised he’s only good looking in period costume


impromptu Friday night drink in pub with friend

Lie in. First for weeks

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