Match the mad paint name to the paint colour

In domestic on April 13, 2011 at 11:58 pm

One of the perks of working from home is the early afternoon browse, a chance to clear one’s head and do a few chores while the high street is relatively empty. A chance to see another side of the workaday world, one that officey people barely know exists.

Today’s browsing route took me to our local eco-friendly Dutch paint shop (every high street should have one) where the owner was preparing his new paint card. Not only are some of the paints made out of milk, and some of them magnetic, but they have names that make Farrow and Ball look like they just aren’t trying.

I challenge you to work out what these colours are:

a) Fifty Million French Men Can’t be Wrong

b) Believe me, you’ll be thanking me in a minute

c) Hair of Nan

d) I will not dignify that with an answer

e) A colour to make me think a little about London

f) Dog’s breath

g) An umlaut for yöu

h) Nuts about bananas

i) A pot of paint has been thrown in the public’s face

j) Wet weekend last year

k) No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the British public

l) I resent that snide remark

Get the sense they just might be taking the piss? Well, the new range is called Cannon & Ball

Link (opens in new window)


ANSWERS a) dark grey; b) brown; c) silvery grey; d) yellow; e) pink; f) brown; g) bluey grey; h) white; i) light brown; j) mid grey; k) off-white; l) grey again

And just in case you think I made them up:

  1. […] Honorary mentions to Siecle paint shop, which wins the prize for the weirdest names (eg ‘Believe me you’ll be thanking me in a minute’). I’ve already written about it previously here. […]

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