Cam sham – the truth behind a PM PR visit

In schools on May 10, 2011 at 8:39 pm

The PM came to my daughter’s school today! Not sure why.

It wasn’t, he claims, to launch an initiative to allow rich parents to buy places at university for their children, because that system already exists – it’s called public school. Boom! Boom!

And presumably it wasn’t to highlight a school that, under a Labour government, turned itself around from being a no-go area with the police on speed dial to a school sharp-elbowed middle class parents are now fighting to get in to. A school that under a Coalition government has been pressurised into becoming an Academy just so it can keep its funding levels up. One where children sometimes do their Latin GCSE a few years early ‘just for fun’.

And it can’t have been to shake hands with children who only a few weeks ago were marching with their parents down Piccadilly to make a stand against cuts. (The thing about the urban Middle Classes is that a lot of us are left wing intellectuals and/or work in the public sector/the arts.)

So it must have been to see the amazing percussion ensemble (inc my extremely talented daughter, of course) play, and to enjoy the fantastic architecture by award-winning architects dRMM built under the last government’s schools rebuilding programme which the Tories immediately… oh, no wait a moment, maybe not.

My daughter and her friends have asked whether they are allowed to talk online about the visit. Apparently they are, so here are some of their comments:

– ‘he’s much shinier in real life than on the news’

– ‘X shook hands with him and got covered in fake tan’ (eds note: To be fair, I think it was probably make-up for the cameras)

– ‘he was really rude: he just came into our classroom and sat on the desk like it was his sofa’

– one year nine flatly refused to shake his hand

– one sixth former warmly shook his hand and said, ‘Congratulations on making me pay thousands of pounds in the next few years. Well done!’

– the teachers did tell the sixth former that this was quite rude but, one suspects, not especially forcefully

– ‘he walked out of our performance half way through’ (to be fair, he was probably dragged off by his aids to talk to Nick Robinson, and to be fair once again, it was schoolkids playing the xylophone)

– ‘Ms X was furious when she found out he was coming. She said she tried really hard to be nice to him.’

On the plus side, it has meant a peak in the 11-16 demographic on the viewing figures for tonight’s news bulletins.

I’d direct you to their Facebook pages but it’s written in an incomprehensible code involving bad grammar and lots of zs, even though all the children involved got Level 5 in their SATs.

david cameron

LINKS (open in new window)

BBC News

Kingsdale Foundation School


Pics c/o the very smart children of Kingsdale Foundation School.

Parents were asked by school if their children could be photographed for use in the public domain.

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