The lunching habits of the homeworker

In Homeworking on June 15, 2011 at 1:07 pm

Hey, fellow homeworkers. What did you have for lunch today?

I’m guessing a significant number didn’t stop for lunch because you’ve got a piece of work to finish and children to pick up from school at 3.30pm.

A lot will have just been grazing from the fridge/biscuit tin all morning because you are working on something really dull that you’ve yet to really get a handle on and need displacement activities.

The conscientious will have fried up last night’s leftovers while listening to the 1 o’clock news, chucking in garlic/onions in a cavalier fashion because it’s not like you are actually going to talk to anyone in person today.

A few will have gone for cheap and cheerful soup, but there is still a part of me (my stomach to be precise) uneasy with the concept of soup as a meal – if you can’t chew something, it’s a drink not food.

Or made a salad. Just to make people like me feel bad.

Some may own microwaves and ready meals, but if you have that for lunch, what are you going to have for supper? And do you live in a bit bedsit?

Others will have considered popping round the corner for something nice from the deli, realised you’re broke and talked yourself down from this ludicrous extravagance.

A significant percentage of those will have talked themselves back up reasoning that office workers get to buy sandwiches that have been made for them, so why should you have to make your own?

And of those, a fraction of you will have had a flashback to prepacked sandwich chiller cabinets from the days when you had a proper job, shuddered, and begun slicing the crusty white you bought first thing this morning when trying to put off sitting down at your desk or doing something constructive.

[This is where I need someone with a whizzy graphics package to draw me a digital Venn diagram. Or perhaps we can all just get a pencil and draw our own. Call it an ‘interactive experience’ if you like.]

In the absence of whizzy graphics or Venn diagrams, a list of the culinary delights I’ve been contemplating this lunchtime:

1: sliced ham, straight from the packet. Boiled, processed, long life.

2: cold chicken, picked at without removing carcass from fridge (unless Brain of Britain is on when I might pause to put it between two bits of bread)

3: a yogurt. not because it’s healthy, just because it’s sweet and the only preparation required is peeling off the lid and finding a spoon. Though put like that, it is beginning to  sound like a faff.

4: rest of a half-eaten bag of not-entirely-pleasant English Summer Barbeque crisps, bought because the packet was a pretty colour, and it counts as seasonal produce.

5: apple. no prep necessary at all. but too healthy. unless eaten with 4. And fruit bowl is further away from desk than fridge.

6: a fancy slice of goats cheese I bought yesterday, with the fancy charcoal biscuits that have been hanging around in the cracker tin for a while. The monochrome colour scheme fits satisfyingly well with my new kitchen (white cupboards, black work surface) but I’ve been living off cheese and biscuits for months.

7: a tarte flambée I picked up on an extravagant little trip to Waitrose yesterday. Only takes 6-10 mins to cook, which is quicker than a pie, but still more time-consuming than crisps.

8: the cherries and blueberries I bought for my children thinking they would make them healthy and clever.

So, in the interests of unnecessary but mildly entertaining research (and nosiness), what did you have?

[1, 4, 7 and 8 – between emails at various points over the morning – since you ask. Yes, displacement activity central.]




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