City life – love it or leave!

In London on November 7, 2011 at 3:02 pm

I know I should know better, but I accidentally read some threads on our local internet forum in an idle moment. And nothing is guaranteed to raise the bile quicker than threads on a local internet forum. Particularly a local internet forum in an up-and-coming/up-and-come postcode.

The main irritant was the thread ‘When are the fireworks going to end?????‘ Posted at 10pm ON A SATURDAY NIGHT! apparently this is way too late for anyone to be making a noise or having fun ON A SATURDAY NIGHT. Especially as there were Diwali fireworks ONLY A WEEK AGO!

But there have been other similarly enraging discussions. Several about aeroplane noise by people who must have wondered what the giant silver birds in the sky were when they bought their house. [Though one suspects they are quite grateful of the giant silver birds when they want to go on holiday or have business abroad.] Another complaining about someone having a 40th birthday party ON AS SATURDAY IN THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS, that went on past midnight (eek!).

And it’s not just the local forum. This weekend residents in flats next to the Olympic Park were on the news complaining that the whole of next summer’s Olympics would be a sleepless living hell. Not ‘OMG I’ve got the world’s biggest party on my doorstep, I could buy some earplugs, get by on less sleep for a fortnight and have fun, or sublet my flat for extortionate amounts of money and go somewhere nice.’ But, ‘It’ll keep me awake past 10pm and I won’t be able to hear my telly’ – which will probably just be showing the athletics anyway.

Now what didn’t people understand about the concept of a ‘city’ when they chose to live in one? One of the fantastic things about cities, and I don’t just mean London, are that they are big bustling places with lots of people and lots of exciting things going on. Some of those things may or may not be noisy.

Now I appreciate some people have to get up for work or have to work in the evenings (me included) or are on irregular shift patterns or want their children to sleep. But modern cities tend to be 24 hour societies, made up of lots of people who operate to different timetables – and where  babies cry at 5am and people celebrate things in the evenings.

I know not everyone is lucky enough to choose where they live. I suspect, for example, that some of those people in East London may have had very little choice; but I equally suspect that some of the people whingeing on our local forum voluntarily paid over the odds to live where they do.

If you chose to live in a city, deal with it. Hey, you might even find it’s fun.



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