Happy National Freelance Day!

In Homeworking on November 23, 2011 at 12:14 pm

So apparently today is National Freelance Day. To celebrate, I will be spending my time as follows:

10% ‘doing research’ on Twitter in lieu of having colleagues or other grown ups to talk to. Or my own watercooler

10% sending pitches/enquiries/spec CV

8% immediately leaping on any new emails in hope that they are replies to pitches

4% being disappointed

8% checking my ‘junk’ folder because clearly all the replies to pitches must have gone in there

4% being disappointed

1% excitedly answering phone to an unknown number assuming it must be something about work

1% discovering it’s just my daughter calling from a friend’s mobile because she’s out of credit again

2% patronising local independent traders (esp ones that sell really good coffee) in a spirit of self-employed camaraderie

2% thinking ‘I know, I could work in/open a shop’, then talking to independent traders who tell you it’s the quietest time in retail FOR A GENERATION

5% half-heartedly doing bare minimum housework/childcare by default

5% staring. Just staring

6% chasing invoices

7% worrying about money

7% worrying about future

7% wondering why the Hell I thought ‘going freelance’ would be a good idea

3% making tea

1% eating ham from the packet from the fridge plus any random leftovers I can find for lunch

1% going back to the jumper draw to put on another layer to keep warm

3% wondering if it’s too early to start drinking

5% crying


So, much like any other freelance day, then.

  1. 3% making tea seems low. And there’s an elephant in the room: shall we call it “surfing the zeitgeist”? Otherwise spot on.

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