Living la vida local

In South London on February 6, 2012 at 5:14 pm

This hyperlocal thing is getting out of hand.

In fact, I’m thinking of starting a competition to see who can go the longest without leaving their own neighbourhood*. [*And maybe a secondary competition for the best alternative to the grating americanism that is the word ‘neighbourhood’, without resorting to ‘look at me, I’ve done TEFL’ continentalisms such as ‘quartier‘ and ‘barrio‘.]

Here’s my bid:

It is now more than a fortnight since I last travelled more than a postcode away from where I live. And yet in that time I have managed to lead a perfectly normal life of work and entertainment. Including…

an exhibition of punk posters… at the 198 Gallery in Herne Hill

dinner out with friends at award-winning restaurant… Angels & Gypsies

a Saturday night out with the girls… at the Plough

some superb pork dumplings… at Mama Lan, Brixton Village

a concert… ok it was at my daughter’s school, but the standard was not shoddy

a jumble sale

4 paid work shifts

a work meeting with a new client in their office

an interview/site visit for a feature I’m writing

a two-hour training walk… round Crystal Palace Park

And if I’d had time I could also have gone to free Friday film screenings every week this month c/o Nunhead and Peckham Free Film Festival

Not to mention the fact that roughly 80% of my Twitter interactions and reTweets seem to have involved people with a South London postcode.

Anyone else think they can claim the hyperlocal crown?


The Blank Generation at 198 Gallery, Railton Rd, Herne Hill

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