Ideas to inspire you

A few inspiring things other people are doing:

(These are all things friends of mine have been doing lately under their own steam. Not always things that they are getting paid to do, but projects that keep them sane and allow them to use their talents. Who needs employers?)

Starting a community garden

Launching a little coffee van business

Setting up a Saturday stall at Greenwich Market

Setting up an independent Manchester publishing house, Nightjar Press

Podcasting for petrolheads

Setting up London gay literary salon Polari

Taking over their local toyshop and turning it into a local cooperative

Writing and illustrating roleplay games

Setting up a street theatre company

Retraining as a midwife

Retraining as a secondary school maths teacher

Producing and playing at their own music nights

Organising penguin tours and creating the award-winning Sea Cabbage Cafe in the Falklands

Writing scripts and slowly but surely getting the funding to make their films.

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