BUY The Midlife Manual

This is the book I wrote with fellow ex-Time Outer John O’Connell:

It’s a wry look at life in one’s middle years. The Times Magazine put us on their cover and called it the funniest book of the year. Someone on Amazon said it made tea come out of their nose. We sometimes blog here.

I’d sell you a copy myself, but it’s going to be much cheaper for you to buy it on Amazon or Waterstones.

If you are feeling rich, you should however buy it from your local independent bookshop. You’ll find it in the humour section (NOT self help). You’ll have to pay full price, but it will be worth it to see the smiles on their faces, and not to have them close down and be replaced by a branch of Caffè Nero.

We’ve also done limited edition tea towels, because we reckon that although people don’t buy books any more, they’ll always want tea towels.

You’ll be able to buy these here just as soon as I sort out the Paypal button.

If you can’t wait – say you’re stuck with a pile of wet dishes, or have to get an emergency present for your mother-in-law – then get in touch and I’ll send you one myself. welcometomidlife@hotmail.co.uk

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