Comfort food

10. Date slice – if you are in the SE15 or SE22 area, I recommend the date and orange slices from charming little deli Frog on the Green. Although these can be argued to be healthy on account of containing oats, there are plenty of unhealthy things on offer in this shop too.

9. Popcorn – at about 75p for a bag of corn that will last ages, this is far too cheap and easy to make for cinemas to charge what they do. It’s been accused of being healthy; not when you coat it in sugar dissolved in melted butter.


8. Cheese – this month I find myself in the mood for grilled Rocamadour or crotin with bread for dipping; Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire with a nice chutney; Comté on its own


7. The Rasa lunchbox – A cheap eats classic. The £3.50 hot lunchbox (it;s probably gone up by now) from the back of this Charlotte Street Indian used to be a press day favourite when working on Tottenham Court Road. One meat dish, one veg dish, rice sometimes a bit of chapati, a little pot of spiced black bean and cabbage, and a tub of milk pudding that I always declined.

6. Cup of tea and a biscuit – there is no crisis so terrible it can;t be solved with a nice cup of tea. Strong, milk, sugar plus a biscuit or two for dunking. (pictured here, Waitrose Essentials custard creams, 47p for a 400g pack)

5. Creme Egg™ – The first Creme Egg™ of the year is an annual rite of passage marking the first notes of Spring as clearly as the call of the cuckoo or the first snowbells to burst into bloom.

4. Cornflakes – but only if eaten in pyjamas at the wrong end of the day. Possibly with chopped bananas on top.

3. Bacon & mush pea sandwich – as featured in Nigel Slater’s Real Fast Food.

2. Fish finger sandwich
– I can’t believe it took me so long to discover these. Add reconstituted potato shapes, garden peas, and tomato ketchup to taste.

but the winner has to be…


1. The chip butty – piping hot chips, floury bap, a sprinkling of s and a dousing of v… carb plus carb with some salt and fat for good measure. The furry hot water bottle of comfort foods. Savour on days of low spirits and even lower temperatures.

Now add your own…

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  3. It has to be tea and biscuits.

    Or a Freddo the Frog bar. 15p of affordable chocolate fun.

    Or a Curly Wurly. 25p, but well worth that extra 10p if you’re feeling flush.

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