12 Resolutions for 2012

In review of the year on December 31, 2011 at 6:21 pm

Without knowing how things are going to pan out on the work/money front in the next year, here’s my not-very-taxing list of achievable resolutions for 2012. And the probability of my actually doing any of them. (I’ll probably add more later, but this will do for now.)

1. visit all food markets in South London, on foot, especially: Maltby Street; Brockley Market; Brixton; Oval; West Norwood monthly Feast… and any more I’ve missed.

probability of happening: 10/10  (Maltby Street already conquered on 31 Dec, but will be back)

2. find creative people to collaborate with, especially someone who can help me with more creative design of blog or website

probability: 3/10

2b. blog more regularly and forcefully (and entertainingly and grammatically) and to pack my blog with wit, wisdom, useful hyper-local info, and a few gags

probability: 6/10 for first two months then 1/10 thereafter (more likely if collaborator found)

3. visit a new city, preferably one not in this country

probability: 2/10 (may rely on a benefactor)

3b. or take the train to Berlin to visit friends

probability: 2/10 (may also rely on benefactor. And friends actually wanting to see me)

4. do a proper, big, country walk. possibly involving hills and staying overnight in a lovely inn with great ales (hey, no one said New Year’s resolutions had to be all about austerity and misery)

probability: evens (depends on finances, kids, and MCFC fixtures list)

5. try to say positive things instead of negative ones

probability: 1/10 (I make this resolution every year, yet remain a cynic)

6. perfect homemade limoncello to standard it can be given as gifts

probability: 9/10 (how wrong can you go with lemon, sugar, and lots of vodka?)

6b. add fudge and shortbread to repertoire for similar reasons (friends – you have been warned)

probability: 9/10 for fudge (how wrong can you go with sugar and fat?) 3/10 for shortbread (there’s nothing more disappointing than shit shortbread)

7. Eat less, exercise more. Yes, that old chestnut. But I’m hoping that committing myself to the Moonwalk in May (walking 26-point-whatever miles overnight across London) will contribute to the second bit of this. Unfortunately all my practice walks so far seem to terminate at food markets.

probability: a hopeful 7/10

8. Keep tabs on my children’s schoolwork and force them to do those extra revision workbooks like the pushy middle class parent I aspire to be. I’ve been giving them too much of an easy ride of late.

probability: 8/10 spring term; 3/10 summer term; 8/10 first half of xmas term; 3/10 second half of xmas term.

9. Finally actually finish writing a short story

Probability: 2/10 Because the notebooks full of half-written ones don’t count

9b. or get another non-fiction book proposal accepted

Probability: 2/10   These days you need several thousand Twitter followers to be a viable option for publishers. C’mon guys, start buying more books! (or, alternatively, follow me on Twitter *winking-face-emoticon*)

10. Spend more time with, and be more attentive to the needs of, friends and family.

Probability: 4/10 Why would they want to spend more time with me?

11. go to live comedy. I used to do this a lot BC (before children). And it was fun. Comedy is clever. Laughing is nice.

Probability: 9/10  Seem to be lots of small (ie vaguely affordable) comedy clubs opening up in South East London so there’s really no excuse now.

11b. try to remember some of the other things I used to enjoy doing. And do them.

Probability: 1/10 Personality now completely subservient to family/social expectations. eg apparently I am now too old/mumsy to wear DMs.

12. For the last one I was going to go with something like ‘be nice to people’, ‘smile more’, ‘do something for charity’, or ‘be braver’, ‘take more personal/professional risks’, ‘don’t worry about what other people think of you’, ‘live life to the full as if every day was your last’… yada yada… but instead I’ll go with ‘put the blinds up in the kitchen’ in the hope that I’ll be able to cross that one off before the end of Jan and therefore start the year feeling good about myself. I only bought them a month ago, after all.

Probability: 10/10

Obviously targets like ‘get a job’ ‘work hard’ and ‘earn some money’ are still in there, but seem largely beyond my control.

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