Graffiti Paris (aka Not the Royal Wedding)

In Paris on May 2, 2011 at 9:56 pm

Just back from a weekend avoiding the Royal Wedding in a nice Republican country. In fact I calculate that at the moment the couple were saying their vows, I was in Place de la Bastille passing a large shiny monument to the French Revolution (and we all know how that turned out…) Not that I wish K&W any ill will, but if the country had been shut down for a snow day or transport strike rather than a Royal Wedding, we’d all be talking about how much money the country had lost by not being at work. And don’t even get me started on the cost to us self employed of this disruption to offices being closed and children being off school…

On the plus side, it was a chance to indulge in some flânerie, and  I was overjoyed to happen upon some particularly beautiful expressions of the anarchic spirit in the form of Paris’ healthy graff scene in the 20e arr. And strangely moved by their ephemeral nature.

1. rue de l’Ermitage

The first location was rue de l’Ermitage (off rue des Pyrénées and Menilmontant). By climbing through a hole in the wall of a derelict building next to Studio de l’Ermitage at no 8 you enter a graffiti garden where you can observe artists at work on a constantly-evolving canvas:

More photos of Graff a l’Ermitage on some other blogs and photostreams (links open in new window):


Frenchies in Paris

2. rue Dénoyez

And further down the hill, the cobbled backstreet of rue Dénoyez (right at the bottom of rue de Belleville), which even has it’s own blog – Graff à Dénoyez blog – documenting the ever-changing streetscape.

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